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Landscape-Design-With-Waterfalls EnterpriseIf you’re tired of cookie cutter residential landscaping and want to do something unique at your house, consider landscape design with waterfalls. Waterfalls offer a focal point that’s serene and visually appealing as well as aurally soothing with the sound of gently running water. Here’s how you can achieve this simple elegance in your own backyard.

Where Should the Waterfall Be Located?

The ideal spot should complement your property’s natural layout while serving as a focal point. Positioning it near a seating area allows you to enjoy the calming sounds and visuals up close. Areas that receive adequate sunlight should get priority to highlight the waterfall’s beauty and support any surrounding plant life.

Which Waterfall Style Do You Prefer?

There are numerous options, from naturalistic designs that mimic nature with rocks and boulders to sleek, modern structures with clean lines and minimalist features. The style should blend with the overall theme of your landscape, whether that’s complementing or contrasting with other aspects of your design. Incorporating lighting can expand your waterfall’s appeal to include evening, too. 

What Kind of Added Features Appeal to You?

Surrounding your waterfall with plants and decor completes the look. Ferns, moss and other water-loving plants thrive near waterfalls, adding to the natural feel. Decorative elements like benches, statues or stepping stones can provide functional beauty to your landscape.

Want to Explore Landscape Design with Waterfalls in Enterprise?

Precision Landscape & Maintenance is pleased to offer you our depth and breadth of experience in delivering the creative and easy-care landscape ideas and services you expect from top-tier professionals. Whether you seek artificial turf, hardscapes, water features or retaining walls, your goals are our goals. We welcome the opportunity to prepare a landscape design with waterfalls for you, and we encourage you to check out our previous customers’ testimonials to assure you of our commitment to excellence every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about us and how we can transform your property into a welcoming oasis of calm and beauty.

Best Landscape Design with Waterfalls for Enterprise Homes

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